Pasión Eterna – Taken By The Night (3)

Tras seis siglos de vida como vampiro, Saint ha aprendido que debe mantenerse alejado de los humanos para evitar el sufrimiento. Pero todo cambia cuando recibe una llamada de socorro del burdel londinense Maison Rouge: algunas de sus trabajadoras, antiguas amigas del vampiro, han sido asesinadas, e Ivy Dearing, la hija de la dueña, está dispuesta a encontrar al criminal a toda costa. Saint sabe que sería mejor que Ivy se quedara al margen, pero es irresistible… La muchacha despierta en él un deseo tan fuerte como su sed de sangre.
I enjoy carnal pleasures like any mortal man, but six hundred years of existence have taught me loss. Best to stay away from people and save myself the heartache. Then I arrive at the notorious London brothel Maison Rouge, and my life, such as it is, will never be the same again.
Ivy Dearing, daughter of the infamous Madam, has requested my assistance. Two of her friends have been murdered, and she is determined to find their killer. I know better than to agree to help, yet Ivy is impossible to resist. No stranger to vampires, she has awakened desires within me that are as potent as my thirst for blood—desires that can only be satisfied by Ivy herself. But when there is another murder, it is all I can do to protect the woman I love from an evil more powerful than the undead . . .


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