Stake That (2)

Hermanas. Ellas te quitan la ropa, tus novios, y tu destino. Pero esto no era exactamente culpa de Sunny, la gemela de Rayne. Magnus, un vampiro guay y el líder del aquelarre, confundió a Sunny por Rayne el mes pasado y la mordio a ella en vez de a Rayne. Resulta que cada generación, hay un cazador de Vampiro – y esta vez resulta ser Rayne MacDonald. Su primera misión: infíltrarse en un centro de vampiros enfermos y exponer a su propietario vampiro que deliberadamente extiende una enfermedad.Después Rayne comprende que ella necesita ayuda. Entonces Magnus envía a su
compinche y atractivo Jareth para ir secreto con ella. Y, francamente, a Rayne no le importaría ir bajo las sabanas con él. Tal vez el destino no muerda después de todo…
No one knows better that Rayne McDonald that what you want and what you get are two completely different things. All Rayne ever wanted to be was a vampire. After applying for vampire conversion, working her way up to the top of the waiting list, attending vampire training classes (and doing all the homework!) she lost Magnus her vampire blood mate-to-be when he accidentally bit her twin sister Sunny by mistake.
What Rayne actually got was the news that she is the new vampire slayer and she must embrace her destiny or die. It sounds slightly over dramatic when put like that but she was chosen at birth to be a slayer and infected with a virus at that time by Slayers Inc. They can activate the virus at any time and kill her if she refuses her destiny.
Given no choice Rayne takes up the slaying stake for Slayers Inc., although she does realise that this could ruin her reputation within the vampire community and put a crimp in her plans to be turned into a vampire at a later date.
Her first job as the slayer is to infiltrate a seedy vampire blood bar and expose the bar owner’s plans to over throw Magnus the current blood coven leader. Whilst investigating at the bar she runs into Jareth – sexy Goth and Magnus’s right hand man who is also investigating the bar.
Although Jareth and Rayne don’t exactly hit it off when they first meet they agree to team up in order to discover the bar owner’s secret plans. Rayne needs all the help she can get – it isn’t like she’s had much slayer training and her instructor won’t even give her any cool weapons. All she got given was a piece of wood!
And not only does she have to investigate the blood bar but she needs to keep an eye on her mother too, who has started dating again after 4 years. Unfortunately Rayne suspects that her mother’s new date is actually an evil vampire…


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