Dates From Hell

Undead in The Garden of Good and Evil by Kim Harrison is a prequel to The Hollows series of books. It tells the tale of how Ivy, a living vampire, manages to investigate a murder, get rid of her nasty undead vampire boss at work and start to come to terms with her bloodlust.
The Claire Switch Project by Lynsay Sands is a story about a woman who is exposed to a shape shifting ray (it’s the best way I can describe it!) whilst working in a laboratory. Claire then gets asked to the school reunion with the man she’s wanted to go out with since high school but she also promised her dateless best friend that she would go to the reunion with her. With the ability to change her appearance by thought alone, she may be about to go on the double date from hell.
Chaotic by Kelley Armstrong is about Hope, a half demon reporter, who tracks down rogue supernatural Others. Capturing Karl Marsten, jewel thief and werewolf, leads to an interesting first date at a museum gala function – most of it spent running for their lives.
Dead Man Dating by Lori Handeland is the story of Kit, a literary agent in Manhattan, who has a blind date with a dead guy who had unfortunately been possessed by an incubus demon. When her date is “killed” by a mysterious Mexican demon hunter named Chavez that should have been an end to it but this is one persistent demon that is very hard to kill. Chavez needs to find out how to destroy the demon before it returns for another date with Kit.


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