El Defensor – Dark Defender (2)

Como Paladín, Blake Trahern lucha y muere una y otra vez para mantener al género humano a salvo de los Otros, pero debido a ello su humanidad se ha ido desvaneciendo con cada batalla. Ahora la única persona capaz de llegar a su alma necesita su ayuda…
Alexis Morgan continúa su cautivadora serie de aventuras fantásticas sobre unos indomables guerreros y las mujeres a las que aman…
As a Paladin warrior, Blake Trahern fights and dies again and again to keep mankind safe from the Others. Sensing his humanity slipping away with eachbattle, he retreasts from the world . . . until the one person with a hold on his soul needs his help. It’s been twelve years since Blake vanished from Brena Nichol’s life, years that have turned her from a love-struck teen into a headstrong, sensual woman. He’ll fearlessly give his life to protect her–yet he dare not risk his heart.
Brenna is stunned by Blake’s reappearnace, and by a shocking discover about her father. Everything she has ever believed is thrown into question–everything except the desire that Blake still ignites. But as they search together for a traitor among the Paladins, danger looms: the next battle could tip Blake into madness, destroying his life, his soul . . . and the only woman he has ever loved.


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