Slave (1)

Captain Jacinth “Jack” Rutland has been searching the galaxy for her kidnapped sister, Ranata, for six long, fruitless years. Tired, bitter, and avoiding romance out of necessity, Jack’s quest has brought her to a planet where all women are enslaved, and to rescue her sister, she must first find a man to pose as her own master.
In desperation, she buys Carkdacund “Cat” Tshevnoe, an exotic feline native of the planet Zetith who was enslaved following the war which destroyed his homeworld. Granting him his freedom, Jack enlists Cat’s aid, vowing to keep her own feelings for him at bay until her sister is safe.
But Cat is much more than she bargained for. Powerfully seductive and deadly attractive, Cat is living proof that the true reason for the destruction of Zetith had far more to do with love than with war. . . .



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