Warrior (2)

Warrior, the second book in Cheryl Brooks’ The Cat Star Chronicles series, features Tisana, a witch on the planet Utopia, gifted with the power to control fire and communicate telepathically with animals. She is a healer, skilled in herbal lore and, like all of her kind, must wait for “the one” who will father her child and enable the line of witches to continue. When her former lover, Rafe, brings his battered slave to her for treatment, Tisana meets Leo, a Zetithian warrior whose sensuous nature overwhelms her cautious heart, and whom she suspects might be the one she’s been waiting for. When Rafe’s sons disappear, the chance for Leo to earn his freedom sends them on a harrowing adventure filled with danger, exciting swordfights, hilarious animals, and sizzling romance!


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